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Railay Beach Long Tail Boat. Thailand Travel Photo

Railay Beach, Krabi. Thailand

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Friday Photo- A Thailand Rubbish Receptacle

Friday Photo 012

Dustbin, rubbish bin, garbage can, trash can, waste receptacle, whatever you want to call them, this is Thailand’s version. I have seen variations of this all over Thailand and South East Asia, and I know it’s very unsexy subject to talk about, but to me even small details like this make my adventures more interesting to me. (also a way of me rebelling against just posting photos of cocktails and tropical beaches etc)

This Thai trash can is ingenious little invention for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is made from recycled tyres, and secondly in it’s design. If you notice that the main thing is made from a huge tractor tyre that has been turned trimmed and inside out. The legs are made from what I believe to be motorbike tyres that have been cut in half.

Combining excellent design with recycling is displayed here in a fantastic way.

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Friday Photo – Monkey Business

This week I have been filming a special video for something special that you will hear about very soon.  I was filming these videos where I am to talking and thought it would be fun to do it with a monkey sitting on my sholder. As a result, a lot of out-takes as these monkeys are mischeivious little fellas.

Anyway here’s a photo of one of my Gibbion friends and a video below that I also caught of a monkey playing with a local lazy dog.

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Friday Photo – Rainbow Shack

Let me brighten your day for a moment.

What do you think ?

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Friday Photo- Mountain Ghost Busters. Thailand

Whilst out on my motorbike exploring a mountainous area in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, I found this interesting little scene. In this picture you can see three different things that have been placed at the bottom of this small mountain to protect the area from spirits.

You see these all over Thailand in the jungles and mountains and I have heard various explanations of what it is all about. I honestly don’t know the exact stories behind how it all works with these protectors from spirits but it is certainly interesting.

Hey, if you know more about these spirit protectors, let me know in the comments below.

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Friday Photo- Spot the Impostor.

Spot the Impostor.

Little bit different than usual but very relevant to my current adventure. The quitting caffeine by testing out my little experiment of extreme indulgence. In case you missed it click here to catch up on my coke story so far.

Anyway, so this weeks photo,

Spot the Impostor

I suppose this is the rebel in me doing a little middle finger to the coca cola company, in an effort to help my self stay off the dirty dark stuff for 30 days. Can you spot the cheeky impostor ?

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A Million Dollars for Honduras, Hand made Asia, Content vs Community and Cultivating change in Thailand. An Hour of Inspiration from TEDx.

Last month, I was honoured to be an antendee at TEDx in Bangkok, a gathering of big thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs, grass roots changers, musicians, and amazing minds. This one day event featured some fantastic speakers and this is my round up of my four favorite presentations that moved me in big ways.

*these videos are just over 15minutes each so if you are in a rush, you may want to bookmark this page and watch them later when you have the time to enjoy them fully. Definately worth a look, you will be amazed, inspired and most probably make you think differently about the world today and how you see things .

Raising One Million Dollars for Honduras

Shin Fujiyama was born in a fishing town in Japan in 1983 and immigrated to the US shortly after with his family. During his third year at the University of Mary Washington, Fujiyama decided to volunteer for a week in Honduras at a girls’ shelter without giving it much thought. He had no idea that the short trip would ignite his passion to help vulnerable children so much. A few months later, he launched Students Helping Honduras in his dorm room with his classmates and younger sister, Cosmo. Since then, Fujiyama’s organization has taken more than 1,000 volunteers to Honduras and has raised more than one million dollars to help vulnerable children raise themselves out of poverty. His goal is to create a chapter of SHH in every single university in the US.  Find out more at

Handmade in a Digital World

Elizabeth Briel is an artist who explores Asia with her camera, notebook, and paintbrushes. She prints 19th-century photos of disappearing places in distinctive blue tones, paints pictures of sharp-witted women from around the world, and writes about the arts of Asia. While living in Cambodia she taught photography to street children; in Hong Kong she founded a community gallery; and she now works from a Bangkok studio. ThingsAsian Press has published her illustrations and photos in books, and in 2011 will release her book Sensual Papers: a Quest Through the Back Roads and Rivers of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam about her search for handmade papers and the people who make them. She continually experiments with ways to connect artists to communities, and building bridges of understanding between West, East and places in between — we all have more in common than it may seem at first glance. Elizabeth is based in Bangkok and Sydney. Find out more at her website:

Community Trumps Content

Jeff Utecht is an international educator and educational technology consultant. Currently Jeff is working as a Technology and Learning Coordinator for International School Bangkok. He has consulted with and presented at international schools around the world. Jeff has been teaching online graduate classes for different American Universities since 2007. Jeff regularly shares his thoughts on education and technology on his blog, Jeff has recently been mentioned in the books ‘Reinventing Project-Based Learning’ and ‘Web 2.0, New Tools, New Schools’. Jeff recently wrote a chapter for the book ‘Wired For Learning: An Educator’s Guide to Web 2.0’. To learn more about Jeff visit:

Cultivating Alternative Agriculture in Thailand

Bennett Haynes works for an organic farmers’ organization in northeast Thailand called the Alternative Agriculture Network — Esan (AAN). During his first year with the AAN, Bennett organized an organic farming curriculum with a local organization called Surin Farmers Support in Surin province. Since then, Bennett has been working on “food ways” research with villagers in Yasothon province. He also coordinates consumer awareness campaigns with the Yasothon Green Market and supports high quality standards for the market.
As northeast Thailand grows, what are the implications for food security and food culture? How can organic farming of rice, vegetables, fruits and local herbal plants provide a safe alternative for farmers and consumers? These are the challenges that the AAN approaches through farmer-to-farmer exchange, community-based research, technical training and alternative markets. The AAN also collaborates with key government offices to access more farmers and develop community food security policy. Find out more at

See all of the speakers presentations from this years Thailand TEDx, TEDxKrungthep.

Interesting stuff, eh ? Which of these TEDx presentations moved you the most and why ?

Jeff Utecht
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Friday Photo 007 – BMX Mods, Manila.

More South East Asia crazy vehicles. This is a BMX bike that has basically had a metal cage welded to it. It is used for deliveries and mostly delivering big bottles of drinking water. My only thought is that when fully loaded they must be hard work to pedal because the bike has tiny wheels and no gears. You can see more like this in my video about modified BMXs in Manila.

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Friday Photo 006- Philippines Jeepney

If you know me, I have this weird obsession with getting excited by different types of transport around South East Asia. This is a Jeepney, one on the images that is directly associated with the Philippines. The story of how Jeepney came top be in the Philippines is also very fascinating. This goes right in the top 10 of my favorite South East Asia ‘crazy vehicles’.

From WikipediaJeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II and are known for their flamboyant decoration and crowded seating. They have become a symbol of Philippine culture.

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Friday Photo 005- Not for Sale

This is a really interesting picture, on Mindoro Island, Philippines. I took a huge five hour walk around the island on one of my missions to get off the usual beaten track and discovered this gem of a weird sign. We have all seen properties for sale around the world, and the usual way it goes is that there will be a sign outside saying ‘For Sale’. But, I have never (and I bet you haven’t either) seen a sign on a property that says ‘Not for Sale’. There must be a real intresting story behind this, we can only imagine.

Not for Sale

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