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30 Day Challenge Conclusion Leads to a Shorter yet Bigger Challenge

It has been over 10 days since I completed my 30 Day Challenge last month. I wanted to take a little time to reflect after the completion of my challenge to see it’s after effects, and today I wanted to share with you not only the results but also what I plan to do next with what I have got from this 30 day life experiment.

A quick review.

For those of you who missed it or have not been following my little experimental adventure you can check out some of the links bellow.

The start, Time for a Challenge. Wanna Join Me ?

Day 1,  Radical Scheming and Indulgence

Day 14 Quitting Coke Challenge

Day 25 Coke Success and Writing Nearly There.

The Result.

Well I can proudly say that I managed to stay off the dark sticky nectar (coca-cola) for a whole 30 days. Not only did I surprise myself with this one but I shocked many of my friends who know me as a drinking loads of coke all day long.

Admittedly the first few days were a bit tough with a few heavy migraines from simple caffeine withdrawals but I really got into my replacements, like carrots, fruit juice, green tea, and even water. I have no idea whether the extreme indigence trick at the start of the month helped me, but it certainly made me not fancy any coke for a week or so.

How did I do it ?

I think the number one magic ingredient that made the quitting coke easier was the fact that I had tricked my my mind by sorta saying to myself that I was not quitting, I am only stopping for 30 days.

The other magic ingredient that I think made it easier for me to succeed was that I was publicly sharing my challenge (a first for me). And I do really believe that all the comments and messages I received in support of me taking on challenge defiantly helped me commit to doing it.

So to all you folks who voiced your support for me, a huge Thanks.

After the 30 days I was sooo happy that I had made it.

Then on day 31 (as planned) I celebrated that I had gone a month without drinking any coke and treated myself to a few bottles. I went about one day without drinking any coke after that. Then slowly started to drink 2 cokes a day, and right now I’m slipping back into drinking 2-3 a day.

Great that I am actually drinking less per day than before but, zero is where I’d really like to be at.

So I have a plan, more details below.

On the writing part of my challenge I’m really happy with the way my writing developed over the 30 days and I have really been getting into 750words as a tool to continue my mini-mission to develop my creative writing everyday.

I have continued with the writing but have started to slack off a little bit. My problem is not so much quantity but consistency, in that I do not write on some days and make up for it on other days by writing double or triple my daily goal (750 words). Either way, it is all good because it can only get better.

The downsides on completing this challenge.

The only problem with doing a 30 day challenge like I did last month is that now 2 weeks after I almost feel a bit useless and un-powerful. I was riding some weird sort of adrenalin last month enjoying the novelty of challenging myself. It was exciting and I felt enegised by the challenge.

Right now the I’m slipping back into my old ways and feeling like I need to do something about it, I also have one more extremely dirty habit that I have wanted to tackle for a long time.

So I have concocted a crafty little plan.

Now this one habit that I simply have to tackle, one that I have done for close to 20 years and I am going to tackle head on and share. Quitting Smoking. I am taking on the mission to become an official non-smoker.

I am even ashamed to write on this blog that I smoke and to be really honest I think this will be incredibly tough for me to do. I don’t even need to go into the reasons why I should stop smoking. I am going to combine this in with my last months challenges and also take those one again. The only difference this time is it will be a 15 Day Challenge. So that is a menu of full detox, no coca cola, lots of raw veg, creative writing every day and the big one not a single ciggrette for 15 days.

A Shorter but Bigger Challenge

From 15th to 30th of this month, bring on my half the time but double the challenge mission.

I wouldn’t be entering into this personal challenge without a couple of ninja tricks up my sleeve to make it more easy and interesting. And just you wait until you see what I have planned for this mini adventure. I’m still tweaking the exact rules of how I’m gonna take on this challenge and will lay it all down on day1when it all starts.

Until then it’s binge out time, I am gonna drink loads of coke and smoke my head off for the next few days then the challenge is on.

Whilst we’re talking of Challenges, have you seen this yet ?

Let me know what you think. Thoughts ? Ideas ? Suggestions ?

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Coke Success and Writing Nearly There. My 30 Day Challenge Update.

Day 25 of my 30 day challenge.

I set myself the challenge for 30 days to break a habit of drinking loads of coke every day, to develop the habit of writing more whilst on a detox also focusing on developing my online projects and businesses.

The first thing that I have surprised myself with and am really happy to say that the quitting coke thing seems to have worked. I’ve not touched the dirty dark stuff since my extreme indulgence binge at the start. You can follow the 30 day challenge and the quitting coke story here.

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you the other part of my challenge where I wanted to develop my writing skills. I set my self the goal of writing 3 articles every day for 30 days. If I keep to this which I have, but only just, I will have 90 articles by the end of a month.

This part of my challenge I have struggled with. I have missed some days and caught up on other days by writing extra. It’s all been a bit messy as I am tweaking the system of how I do it. You see the thing is I’m to easily distracted, so I have been using a few tricks to help me focus more on just writing.

The first thing I am pushing myself with is the idea of writing first and editing later. The trick being that I do not delete and edit as I go, I just plough through and keep writing then later go back and then edit.

Using the software Dark Room that simply a blacks out the screen and uses green text, I found very useful. Apparently the green text on a black background is easier on your eyes than traditional black text on a white background. I think it also pretty cool in a retro way, feeling your tapping away on old school computer from the 80’s.I have used Dark Room for an while combined with using a countdown timer to record how long it takes me to write.

I’ve also been experimenting with listening to different types of music whilst writing and writing in silence.

Then I remembered this web app that I had heard a few peeps raving about a while back.

Now this is awesome, is the perfect answer to my challenge struggle. It is a website that you login to and fire out 750words of unfiltered private writing each day. Now what makes it even more cool is that you can compete with other people and study statistics about the speed of your writing, the tone and much more.

This awesome web app was created by Buster Benson of and what inspires me even more is when I discovered some of Busters other products that he has created like and the story of how he created that as a result of his own 90day challenge to create a business that creates meaningful work for him.

I’m digging the idea of meaningful work and I’m finding more and more that I am bending to this way of working also in the way of creating meaning work for myself. If it’s not work that excites or inspires me then I’m not interested.

With 5 days left of my 30 day challenge I have decided that I am going to do this again next month another 30 day challenge for November. I’m still deciding on exactly what I am gonna tackle in my next 30day challenge (I’m defiantly continuing with developing my writing via ). I have seen such good results this month that I wanna continue the roll.

If you want to improve your lifestyle next mouth and join me on this next challenge, let me know in the comments below.

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Quitting Coke Challenge – Day 14

My original challenge that I set for myself was to kick a bad habit (coca-cola), develop a good habit (creative writing) and do a 30 day detox whilst also concentrating on giving my online businesses a boost.

Here’s the update on the quitting coke part. And that promised footage of the first day where I’m experimenting by overindulging in coke to help quit.

The Two Weeks Deep Update

The first day – Extreme Indulgence Experiment

Two weeks without drinking a single coke !

Now that is extraordinaire for me.

Seriously, I was drinking alot of this stuff all day long. I would usually do 2 cokes within the first hour of waking up and then it would continue from there.

So how did it go ?

Well, first couple of days I did not feel right and had some heavy headaches. Day 3 I was ok, day 4 the cravings started. I would almost hear little voices in my saying, “go on, you can have one coke secretly, no one will ever know” or “one won’t hurt”.

It’s weird as well how now any coke advertising or imagery feels like it jumps out at me, especially when I go to a shop or restaurant when choosing a drink the coke always seems to stand out.

I have resisted and surprised myself in that I’m loving my coke replacements. Big manly 2 liter bottles of cold water on hand all day and a few hot green teas. The other thing I’m doing is as part of my 30 day life booster challenge is getting into eating more raw vegetables and grabbing a carrot when I feel the urge for a coke seems to be working for me at the moment. One of my little rules I say to myself is, if I feel like a coke just have something else that is more healthy than a coke (not difficult to find coke replacements).

So far so good.

Do you reckon I’ll be able to stick it out ?

get rid of caffeine, caffeine addiction, too much caffeine, caffeine effects, coke, coca cola, extreme indulgence

Quitting Caffeine by Using Extreme indulgence experiment. I drink far too much Coke, so I decided to quit for 30 days and start with this little experiment. Can I quit drinking coca-cola using this method ? Will the cravings for caffeine drive me insane. Can I quit my caffeine addiction ?

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Kick the Craving Experiment. The Coke Update.

Quitting Coke (Coca-cola) update.

Wow, what a ride. It is now just over a day and a half since I started my crazy mission to quit my coca-cola dependency by bingeing out on the funky fizzy black stuff for 24hrs.

The story so far.

I set the challenge of kicking a habit, developing a new habit and giving my business and lifestyle a boost for 30 days. It all started with, Time for a Challenge. Wanna join-me ?

Then on day one I kicked it off by attacking my mission to quit drinking coke with some extreme radical indulgence.

Thanks to a load of support from the thousands of (more like 10) readers of this blog it has actually made me really go for it with this challenge.

But seriously, Cheers guys 🙂

The Results so far.

24 bottles of 440ml of coke in 24hrs was the mission. I usually drink 4 – 8 bottles of coke per day so 24 bottles is like 3 to 4 times as much as I would drink in a day.

36 hours later, I have 3 bottles left and I am not excited about drinking them. I plan to maybe slowly sup them over the next 12 hours as a slow come down. (but I’ll most probably give them away or pour them down the sink) The real test comes over the next week and for the rest of this month. I have promised myself that if I do actually want a coke, I can, but not until the 1st November (the end of my 30day blast). Most probably would consider doing a full box again (maybe).

Now What ?

I need a little recovery time and luckily today is Sunday. I need to do a bit of walking today to work this one off. Bring on the water as my new coke replacement. These 2 litre bad boy bottles are my new replacement for coke. I plan to drink 3-4 of the these per day, with a few green teas here and there.

I’ll keep you updated on the quitting coke thing here over the coming days.

Oh, and did I for get to mention about the video of me blasting my coke addiction over 24 hours ? Thanks to the idea by Mark from, I took some photos an video of my trippy deterioration over 24 hours, so expect a little treat coming soon also.

You should have seen some of the articles I wrote yesterday, some weird content was pumped out whilst almost drunk and tripped out on coca-cola overload.

Do Not Try This At Home.

Do Not Try This At Home

I am not a lawyer but it is probably worth me pointing out that I am not actually recommending you try this. Don’t ever take advice from me.

I am not a doctor but I reckon there is zero health benefits to doing this extreme lifestyle experiment and it is probably not a good idea at all.

Remember, I am a professionally trained idiot. And whilst attempting this, I obviously have had a full heath and safety crew and team of paramedics on stand by. (not)

Photo credit: notsogoodphotography

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