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Milt’s Brain Twister – Would you eat BBQ Dog ?

A question that I have often raised over the years is whether the whole culture of eating dog is wrong or not. Myself, being a big dog lover, this has always spun me out and I have though long and hard about this brain twisting question.
I first saw this in an extreme way by just being in the wrong place at the wrong time when passing through a tiny village in the rural China in 2003. I saw a dog being hung in a tree and killed then dragged off to presumably the kitchen. When I first saw this poor dog struggling with a rope around his neck I was seriously considering whipping out my little penknife and running over and cutting the rope to set this guy free. I thought quickly about it and choose to not do as I am a visitor in their country and it is was not my place to interfere.
In the video below I am in the town of Savanaket in Laos and I am putting to you the simple question of-
Is eating dog wrong ?
Follow me on this mini adventure as I hunt for a dog BBQ restaurant and most importantly watch to the very end of the video to find out my disturbing angle on this deep question.

Can’t view the video ? click here to view directly on youtube

So, the million dollar question, Would you eat dog ?  Is eating dog wrong ?

What’s your angle on all this ?  Comments Below.

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  • Jason

    I’ve eaten dog many years ago, but it wasn’t in Asia but Cuba of all places. It was many years ago, and in the day, the government wouldn’t allow non-government restaurants to sell any of the so called finer meats (chicken, beef or pork). We refused to eat in the government restaurants as the cost for foreigners was 10 times what the locals were paying, due to the dual currency system. My spanish wasn’t to good at the time, I wasn’t sure what ‘Perro’ meant?

  • Mia

    Yes …it is wrong…absolutely a definite wrong…why? nMy reasons:n1 a dog loves his owner by nature…other than sheep or rabbits or chickens a dog shows trust and love…and that very same person then turn to this wag tailing friend and not just kill him for food, but first torture him?n2. other than that…a dog is by nature an animalwo needs exercise…other than sheep or cows who are passive animals…and I pass these poor dogs constantly…running up and down in their cages…being bored to death.nnI’ve heard some of my Korean friends says hunting is cruel…but at least the animal is getting hunt and killed quickly, not being punished his whole life waiting for his death.

  • Steve

    I ate dog in Vietnam. It was a weird experience, but if I didn’t know what I was eating I would have swore it was beef. I think there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. The people eating it don’t really question it. For me though, I’ve done it once and probably won’t do it again.

  • Jo Boswell

    I don’t think I could ever eat dog, I love dogs, I have 2 at home, and I would always think of them!
    Like you say in the video….the people that do eat dog have grown up with it, to them it’s normal.

  • Niall Doherty

    Great, thought-provoking post, Milt. Loved the video, too. I’m not sure if everyone realizes how much guts it takes to video yourself in public like that. You have to put up with some very weird looks, as I’ve been learning myself recently.

    As regards eating dog, I personally wouldn’t do it, and I believe there’s a disconnect there when people are perfectly fine with eating cows and chickens but not dogs. To me, that’s like famous people getting away with crimes that regular people would go to jail for; just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they should get special treatment. So if you’re going to eat meat, go for it, but be careful not to compartmentalize.

    Also, definitely digging your point about respect for elders. I once heard Rolf Potts speak and he said similar. I believe he was asking a local about the dog-eating thing while in South Korea, and the local responded with something like this: “In America you spoil your dogs and treat them like family, while dumping your grandparents in an old folks home and never visiting them. Here in Korea, we might eat dogs, but at least we treat our elders with respect. To us, respect for people is most important.”


  • Milt

    Wow, you hit the nail on the head several times in that comment. Totally can hear you on the ‘guts of getting on camera” and the weird looks.
    I had never thought of the comparison on famous people not going to jail to eating popular meat. Very Interesting.
    And that Rolf Potts quote is spot on !

  • Milt

    It was the same for me, not believing the people who were telling me it was dog as I was eating it convinced it was beef. I don’t think I’d intentionally eat it again but if pushed into a corner by the locals out of politeness maybe.

  • Jay Saunders

    I agree with you. Its the way these dogs are tortured and killed… often skinned alive. The nasty people who butcher these dogs look like they are enjoying giving the dog pain. Its the sickest thing I have ever seen and I’d love to skin those people alive… see how they like it. For me.. its not the act of eating dog that i find wrong.. its the way in which they live..and die. I wouldn’t eat dogs… i love dogs… they understand whats going on and have feelings. Maybe other animals are like this too but its more apparent in dogs. meat is meat isn’t it?? Why do we have to eat everything?? Why not just eat cows..which are killed in a humane way… especially if dog already tastes like beef!!

    As for your comment about what happens in the UK… Yes.. i agree.. it is sick. But i havn’t been out beating up any grannies recently.. have you?? Its the individuals choice if they want to be bad… not the choice of the nation. Also.. plenty of sick acts go on in Thailand and the rest of asia.. infact all over the world.. so this argument could go round in circles to be honest. I get your points… but they are flawed i’m afraid. Dogs are mans best frined.. only love in their eyes… the world can be a nasty place.. it doesn’t matter where you live.

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