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Hello world !

Welcome.  So this is where it all starts.  Quite a daunting thing to be writing a first blog post. Where will it all lead to.

The adventure starts here, well sort of…

I have been working online for a about 4 years now mainly in the shadows and I have learned some most amazing stuff over the past few years. Today is the start of me changing all that, today I start to publish more stuff about me and contributing my opinion to today’s crazy world both online and off.

I am kicking this blog of with me finally facing a huge fear of mine of speaking to camera (seriously you don’t know how long I have been putting it off). It is also the start of me committing myself to doing more videos of me sharing some of my adventures and offering tips on traveling, web biz building and lifestyle design along the way.

In this video I am (attempting to) explain that I am on my way to Thailand and I have quite an adventure ahead of me.  The thing is at the time of filming this video Thailand has some serious violent political protests going on and I was wondering how it will turn out. One of the reasons I am in Thailand is  also to put an end to my Indian Restaurant and Wraps Delivery Businesses. These  I am having to close because of  the sharp drop in Thai Tourism and the future of Thai Tourism not looking to get better any time soon.

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Raging violence in the Thai capital claimed eight more lives on Saturday as gunfire and explosions echoed around tense streets where there have been pitched street battles between troops and protesters.

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