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Who said being homeless is a bad thing?

A quick explanation of the start of my next exciting adventure. After living it up at my temporary Thailand HQ for a year, being a house-sitting gig for a good friend of mine(who is one cool dude that ten years ago went around the world on a motorbike!) the house finally sold and I’m outta here. I’ve got rid of a lot of my stuff; Big screen Tv, Sofa, Oven, Motorbike and loads of other stuff that I’ve accumulated over the last couple of years. Sold it or gave it away and now down to the bare minimal. Bags packed and off for some full time traveling again. I’d actually been planning this for a long time so as to not get too comfortable at this house and then be sad when it sold.

India is where my next adventures will be taking me and I am really excited about the whole trip and what is ahead of me. I’ve very roughly planned it out but will be pretty much working it out as I go (which makes it even more exciting). Rocking a totally organic itinerary, nothing is set in stone and I will just go with the flow, gathering tips and tricks and making travel decisions from those I meet in India. The only thing I’m worrying about a little bit, is how wobbly the internet is, with all my business being done online, crappy internet really screws me up.

In this video I talk about this as a lesson on perception. Because when I first got news that the house was sold and I am out, I could have taken it really badly (and to be honest was really gutted because it is a fantastic place) but by setting up an amazing adventure ahead of me it makes me concentrate on that. Think back to the saying “The glass of water is half full or half empty” I say, “Dump the water and fill the glass with beer!”. Rather than thinking of it as “oh no, I’m homeless”, I’m on a “oh yes, I have freedom”.

And then there’s the story of why I stopped blogging for the last six months, and a really interesting story that is. I’ll tell you all about that and what I’ve been up to very soon. Either way, I’M BACK !

Let me know in the comments below what ins and outs of my upcoming adventures you want to know more about.

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  • Michelle, Virtual Miss Friday

    Wow good for you! Good luck Milt, I am finally moving to Italy next week, I have been pretty much homeless for the last 6 years living in temporary accommodation and I love it 🙂

  • Milt

    Good Luck to you too Michelle. Are you gonna learn to speak Italian ?
    For me this one year based from this house was almost too long, I started to really get settled but really buzzin to be back on the road. homeless = freedom

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