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No Baggage Challenge

No Baggage ChallengeThere is this awesome travel clothing company called Scottevest who make a line of clothing with loads of pockets, a few months ago sponsored the famous travel writer Rolf Potts on a Round the world Adventure testing out and promoting their product. It was called the No Baggage Challenge.

Due to it’s massive success, the CEO of Scottevest put out a video on youtube looking for the next No Baggage Challenger.

The Challenge was Set.

I hacked out a plan and brainstormed some crazy ideas on how I would take on this no baggage challenge and make it unique. Then I got to work and not only worked out a story board for a really good video entry. Check out my video entry below.

Milt’s Video Response

Scott Jorden Announces the No Baggage Challenge results.

My Responce

  • Lachlan Cotter

    Sorry if it’s a dumb question, but how do we vote for you on Facebook? Couldn’t find the like buttons.

  • Milt

    Yea, times up now. the voting on facebook is over.

    Thanks anyway Lachlan.

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