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The 3 Step Guide To Becoming a Tech Nomad Ninja.

IRIS XV • learning to fly

Rocking the Tech Nomad Lifestyle is not an easy life, but I think it is actually easier than becoming a Tech Nomad. I held back for years and never really understood where I was going with it when I actually made the jump back in 2002. Back then the words, Tech Nomad, Lifestyle Design, Digital Nomad, Location Independent and all these terms did simply not exist yet. I was simply referred to as a Traveller or Backpacker and all the life hacks, wisdom and travel tricks would be learned from fellow travellers, vagabonds and other awesome people that I would meet along the way.
Right now today, it is a thousands of times  due to the internet, all the info you ever need is  all there and accessible from anywhere.  I am by no way an expert as this modern digital travelling entrepreneur lifestyle but I am rocking it my way and learning as I go.
I’ve broken down the process of becoming a Tech Nomad Ninja into three simple steps.

Step 1. Get it.

First step is to simply understand this lifestyle. I’m not going to explain it right now because there is so much top quality info already out there. I was tempted to list a bunch of resources here and if you really want to know just drop a comment and I will go into depth about this later. The point I’m trying to make today is that this first step of ‘getting it’ is not the hard part. The next step in my opinion is the tricky one.

Step 2. Make the Leap.

This one is the hardest part, and I believe that you can get so lost in step 1 that this step will never happen or you delay it for much longer than needed. Which backpack should I get, the ipad or notebook decision, what about the house, the car and all this stuff you need to do before you can go.
The best trick I can offer straight away to deal with this is quite simple,
Buy The Ticket!
Get that plane ticket with a date of flying 3 to 6 months in the future. The date is now set, and you will be forced to do what you need to do, tie up loose ends, put things into storage, sort out your gear, tell the boss to shove it and all the things you need to do before you jump on the plane and go.

Step 3. Master It As You Go.

This is the easy part because you’re actually doing it now, things will just naturally fall into place. Of course there will be a few bumps along the way and your Tech Nomad Lifestyle will go wrong sometimes, but that is part of the fun. As the saying goes, “It’s not about the destination it is about the journey”.
You will meet so many people as you travel that are totally on your wave length. Another thing I have noticed that when you do meet fellow travellers, conversations never start without any awkward silences whilst you ‘get to know each other’. Simply because you are both already on your own personal nomad missions it’s as if you already know each other.
I am a total evangelist for this lifestyle and not only recommend it to everyone who wants to taste extraordinary freedom but I also believe that 2o years from now a massive percentage of the human race will be living this way anyway. So why not do it now ?

Jobs are dead! Long live the Unemployable Lifestyle.

So where are you up to ? Stuck on step one ? Half way through step two ? Rocking it in step three ?
Been blogging about it but ain’t made the leap yet to actually fully do it ?
Or maybe you think that all this Tech Nomad, Lifestyle Design talk is a load of crap and you are totally content with sitting there dribbling in front of you TV with your subscription to 346 channels of ‘entertainment’. Hmm ?
But seriously, if this is your sort of thing let me know in the comments below.
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Kick the Craving Experiment. The Coke Update.

Quitting Coke (Coca-cola) update.

Wow, what a ride. It is now just over a day and a half since I started my crazy mission to quit my coca-cola dependency by bingeing out on the funky fizzy black stuff for 24hrs.

The story so far.

I set the challenge of kicking a habit, developing a new habit and giving my business and lifestyle a boost for 30 days. It all started with, Time for a Challenge. Wanna join-me ?

Then on day one I kicked it off by attacking my mission to quit drinking coke with some extreme radical indulgence.

Thanks to a load of support from the thousands of (more like 10) readers of this blog it has actually made me really go for it with this challenge.

But seriously, Cheers guys 🙂

The Results so far.

24 bottles of 440ml of coke in 24hrs was the mission. I usually drink 4 – 8 bottles of coke per day so 24 bottles is like 3 to 4 times as much as I would drink in a day.

36 hours later, I have 3 bottles left and I am not excited about drinking them. I plan to maybe slowly sup them over the next 12 hours as a slow come down. (but I’ll most probably give them away or pour them down the sink) The real test comes over the next week and for the rest of this month. I have promised myself that if I do actually want a coke, I can, but not until the 1st November (the end of my 30day blast). Most probably would consider doing a full box again (maybe).

Now What ?

I need a little recovery time and luckily today is Sunday. I need to do a bit of walking today to work this one off. Bring on the water as my new coke replacement. These 2 litre bad boy bottles are my new replacement for coke. I plan to drink 3-4 of the these per day, with a few green teas here and there.

I’ll keep you updated on the quitting coke thing here over the coming days.

Oh, and did I for get to mention about the video of me blasting my coke addiction over 24 hours ? Thanks to the idea by Mark from, I took some photos an video of my trippy deterioration over 24 hours, so expect a little treat coming soon also.

You should have seen some of the articles I wrote yesterday, some weird content was pumped out whilst almost drunk and tripped out on coca-cola overload.

Do Not Try This At Home.

Do Not Try This At Home

I am not a lawyer but it is probably worth me pointing out that I am not actually recommending you try this. Don’t ever take advice from me.

I am not a doctor but I reckon there is zero health benefits to doing this extreme lifestyle experiment and it is probably not a good idea at all.

Remember, I am a professionally trained idiot. And whilst attempting this, I obviously have had a full heath and safety crew and team of paramedics on stand by. (not)

Photo credit: notsogoodphotography

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30 Day Booster. Day 1 – Radical Scheming and Indulgence

So here we go with day one of my little personal mission impossible. I have set the challenge and I have made it public so now is time for action. In case you missed the start, check out, Challenge Time.

I was hardly able to sleep last night because I was could not stop thinking about this upcoming adventure. Too much adrenaline and excitement and a sprinkle of nervousness.

Day one is planning and preparation, and I’m still drinking coke but we’ll come back to that in a moment.

I start with a stack of plain A4 size paper and a pen. I did some hardcore battle planing making mind maps and lists covering all the areas that I am tackling this month. I have planned out a whole bunch of categories and topics about which I am writing about every day. My little rules for this are 3 written articles varying in length from 250 – 750 words. Some of which are for this blog and some are for other projects.

And on the quitting coke thing, I think that, (in fact I know, because I have tried before) the cravings will drive me up the wall and insane. So to start my 30 detox especially focusing on the quitting of drinking Coca-cola, I start day one by getting a small crate of coke, 24 glass bottles of black fizzy dirtiness.

Your probably thinking,

“Hang on a minute, I thought you were quitting coke ?”

I am going to give my craving a huge upper cut in the chin by using some Radical Indulgence. I plan to drink as much coke as I possibly can, all 24 bottles in 24 hours if I can. This will most likely make me sick and it won’t kill me but, it will (or should) kill my craving to drink coke for a while at least. This technique of  Radical Indulgence named by Karol Gajda of comes from the idea of the story of the drunk teenager coming home and the parents forcing them to drink loads of alcohol until they are sick to make the teenager think twice about drinking in the future. The same has been done with tobacco, the parent forcing the kid to smoke a full packet of cigarettes. Or even forcing them to eat a packet of cigarettes, but that’s taking the ‘being cruel to kind’ a bit too far.

So day one of my detox is kicking off with some hardcore radical indigence, brain vomiting (ideas from the mind splattered out on to paper) and battle planning.

Expect so exciting stuff happening here over the next few weeks.

So is my mission a little bit too impossible ? Could I be maybe biting off more than I can chew ? Could I be setting myself up for failure by attempting to many things at once ? Let me know in the comments below. Any tips, ideas and support is much appreciated.

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Friday Photo 007 – BMX Mods, Manila.

More South East Asia crazy vehicles. This is a BMX bike that has basically had a metal cage welded to it. It is used for deliveries and mostly delivering big bottles of drinking water. My only thought is that when fully loaded they must be hard work to pedal because the bike has tiny wheels and no gears. You can see more like this in my video about modified BMXs in Manila.

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Time for a Challenge. Wanna Join Me ?

For the month of October I am taking on a challenge for 30 days with the simple intention on making my life extra awesome.  This is something I do quite regularly, sometimes 10 days, sometimes 7 days, and 30days about twice a year. Usually every few months I set myself a goal, mission or challenge, but this is the first time ever I am publically sharing my crazy little plan.

So the idea is that I am going to use this period for the whole of next month to focus and get alot of stuff done whilst also improving my lifestyle.

So what’s the challenge ?

Well actually a bunch of challenges that all sort of interconnect. I plan to break one bad habit and develop a new habit whilst also putting a crazy amount of focus into my online business.

Breaking a habit

I am addicted to coke (the black fizzy liquid). I used drinking Coca-cola as a way to cut down the amount of beer I was drinking a few years ago. It worked, but the problem is now that I drink far to much coke and could pretty much say I’m hooked on it. Of course it is not the most healthy drink in the world to be drinking all day, but I love it. I have a neat little trick up my sleeve on how I am going to tackle this one that may be quite entertaining. More coming soon on that.

Developing a new habit.

Any habit can be achieved (or broken) by doing it for 21 consecutive days. So my habit that I would like to grow is simply writing. Sounds pretty basic but, for me writing is really not time efficient. It is almost impossible to build online businesses without writing, and although I have content writers who I employ to write stuff for my affiliate businesses I would love to write more on this blog and eventually one day I may even write a book. I get really jealous reading some blogs where they say they can write several blog posts in an hour whilst I struggle to write a half-decent article for hours. It’s not that I’m stupid, I can obviously write, but speed and quality is what I want to improve. I am going to tackle this by writing 3 short articles a day for 30 days. And I am also going to commit to posting an article every day on this blog for the whole of next month.

Business Booster.

I will kill one of my existing businesses that ain’t performing. I will build a new business from scratch or fully develop an existing one. I will also be doing alot of work on this blog which not really a business in itself but more of a fun place that is sort of becoming my online home. I am also considering sharing my Business Booster Mission right here on this blog. BUT only if you are interested, so let me know if this is something you’d like to see.

And just to make it more challenging, I am also going on a 30day detox. Zero intoxicants, no caffeine, no alcohol, loads of raw fruit and vegetables, a little exercise and hour less sleep per night.

Care to join me ?

Challenged yourself recently ? Have you got something you’d like to challenge yourself with ? A habit you want to break ? A habit you want to develop ? A 30 day Business Booster Adventure ? A 30 day detox ? Whatever.

Comments, suggestions, and ideas would be much appreciated. I guess need a little support.

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Friday Photo 006- Philippines Jeepney

If you know me, I have this weird obsession with getting excited by different types of transport around South East Asia. This is a Jeepney, one on the images that is directly associated with the Philippines. The story of how Jeepney came top be in the Philippines is also very fascinating. This goes right in the top 10 of my favorite South East Asia ‘crazy vehicles’.

From WikipediaJeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II and are known for their flamboyant decoration and crowded seating. They have become a symbol of Philippine culture.

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Quiet by Day – Crazy by Night. White Beach, Mindoro Island.

This beautiful tropical island in the Philippines, has been mini paradise location for nearly one week now. White Beach, Puerto Galera , Oriental Mindoro Island, Philippines.

A tourist brochure would say,

Experience fantastic sunsets, engaging nightlife, and warm, hospitable people!

Here’s my version….

Watch how it all goes wierd at about 1 min 30 sec  in.


Can’t see the video ? Click here to view on Youtube

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Friday Photo 005- Not for Sale

This is a really interesting picture, on Mindoro Island, Philippines. I took a huge five hour walk around the island on one of my missions to get off the usual beaten track and discovered this gem of a weird sign. We have all seen properties for sale around the world, and the usual way it goes is that there will be a sign outside saying ‘For Sale’. But, I have never (and I bet you haven’t either) seen a sign on a property that says ‘Not for Sale’. There must be a real intresting story behind this, we can only imagine.

Not for Sale

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The 4 Hour Work Week and 7 Minute Abs.

The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Feriss – Escape the 9-5. Live anywhere and join the New Rich.

If you’ve never heard of this book before, then you’ve certainly missed something special.

The title may seem a little sketchy to the skeptical, as good friend of mine most hilariously said,

“4 hour work week ? phffff, sound’s like 4 Minute Abs”

and then refers to this classic clip from the movie, Something About Mary.

But seriously,The 4 Hour Work Week is the one book that sorta put all the pieces together for me after years of struggling to figure out exactly how it all should connect together. This book is defiantly in my top 3 non-fiction books of all time. Even though it is a few years old now, I would still highly recommend it to any one who is interested in how the modern entrepreneur can and should work. In fact I would reccomend this book to anyone who wants to break out of a 9-5 traditional job.

Find out more about this wicked book The 4 Hour Work Week at

Have you heard of this book before ? I’m interested because nearly everyone of my online entreprenurs buddies know this book’s concepts inside and out. And there is alot of people who started there online businesses directly as a result of consuming this excellent book. So have you heard of it ? If so do you rate it as one of the best books out there for web business newbies.

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Friday Photo 004- Beach Bum

This is a slightly rare one. I usually do not do photos with me ‘posing’ in front of wherever. I have been to alot of amazing places but I feel weird taking pictures with me in them, suppose it is the rebel in me, saying just because youv’e been to this place doesn’t mean you have to be in all the pictures . I feel like there is almost a pressure to be  taking these pictures to prove that  was actually there.

I dug this rare one out as I’m getting excited for my upcoming beach adventure next week in the Philippines. I think that this particular picture was on Hua Hin, Thailand early this year.

Friday Photo 004- Beach Bum

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