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Good Morning Cambodia Border. Casinos, Frogs and Queues

Crossing the border from Cambodia into Thailand and you get to see right here the madness of this notorious border crossing. I have to get from the Cambodian border town Poiet, passing through the immigrations into Thailand. This is defiantly one of the craziest border crossings of Thailand. Not the most fun to have to go through, but certainly interesting. See the video below where I cross this border and of course these things always turn out predictably unpredictable.

And check out the question below the video.

So here is a question I pose to you, these kids begging outside the Casino’s and around the border, should you give them money ?   Let me know what you think in the comments below

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Cambodia Border at Night

Whilst killing a bit of time waiting for the Cambodian border to open the next day, I go to explore a little and show you this weird area between the Cambodia Border and the Thai Border that is packed with casinos and luxury 5 star hotels whilst on the street outside is pure poverty. The contrast between rich and poor is so strong that it is a little disturbing.

Check it out in the video below,  and don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom of this page and let me know what you think.

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Overloading Trucks in Cambodia

Whilst exploring the town of Poipet in Cambodia by night, I just had to stop and admire some incredible overloading of a little pick-up truck. This is one of my favorite sightings to just sit and watch. It is possible to see this overloading of different vehicles all over South-east Asia. From my experience I would probably have to award the Cambodians with the gold medal for overloading vehicles in style. I have got other videos that I have collected over the years of vehicle overloading and one day I will pull them all together into a compilation of overloadedness. In the meantime you’ll have to enjoy this single great example of on overloaded truck in the video below.

Let me know in the comments below if you think that vehicle overloading in this comedy way is cool (or am I just weird?)

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