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What have I got myself into ?

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

The story of why I started this blog came from a me a facing a fear that I have had for years. I was basically totally petrified of the idea of speaking on video but at the same time really wanted to start a putting video online so could I share some of my stories and tips and tricks on living the unconventional lifestyle, long term travel, online business and all that.

Camera Shyness

I really do not feel comfortable being on camera at all. I have never really been a huge fan of having my photograph taken. When someone pulls a camera out at a party, alot of people strike a pose meanwhile I am the one who dives for cover.  I have made up every excuse imaginable on reasons why I should not do this video stuff, eg.I heard a theory from somewhere (cannot remember where) that had a concept where if you take a photo of someone you steal a tiny little part of there soul (scary stuff).

The day I faced that fear.

Whilst I was back home in the UK earier this year I made that jump and did it. I filmed that first video (must admit I took several attempts) and put it on youtube.  My goal that I secretly set myself was to put out 5 videos. One every 1-2 weeks, surely if I can do this it will get easier with each video and I will have conquered my fear.  Then I figured that i should have a website to feature all this stuff, and that is how came to be.

So I put my stuff out there and nobody ripped me apart or took the piss as I had feared. In fact, quite the opposite happened, I have recived some great messages and emails from all sorts of people who I never knew before who dig what I’m doing here.

As I predicted these videos got easier each time, and I got the 5th video and thought, “Let’s go mad, Aim for 10 !”

See all my videos below in one big fat playlist or click here

So right now I’m over 3months in and have passed the 10 videos mark and I would not say that I’m 100% comfortable on camera now, but I certainly not quivering with fear like before. And I feel great for it, it is true, there is benefit to facing our fears.

So Now What ?

But what am I gonna do now ?

New target of 50 Videos ?

What’s the future of this little blog ?

I am on the verge on turning it up and taking this project to the next level.

Do you think that I should continue with all this ?

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