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The 3 Step Guide To Becoming a Tech Nomad Ninja.

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Rocking the Tech Nomad Lifestyle is not an easy life, but I think it is actually easier than becoming a Tech Nomad. I held back for years and never really understood where I was going with it when I actually made the jump back in 2002. Back then the words, Tech Nomad, Lifestyle Design, Digital Nomad, Location Independent and all these terms did simply not exist yet. I was simply referred to as a Traveller or Backpacker and all the life hacks, wisdom and travel tricks would be learned from fellow travellers, vagabonds and other awesome people that I would meet along the way.
Right now today, it is a thousands of times  due to the internet, all the info you ever need is  all there and accessible from anywhere.  I am by no way an expert as this modern digital travelling entrepreneur lifestyle but I am rocking it my way and learning as I go.
I’ve broken down the process of becoming a Tech Nomad Ninja into three simple steps.

Step 1. Get it.

First step is to simply understand this lifestyle. I’m not going to explain it right now because there is so much top quality info already out there. I was tempted to list a bunch of resources here and if you really want to know just drop a comment and I will go into depth about this later. The point I’m trying to make today is that this first step of ‘getting it’ is not the hard part. The next step in my opinion is the tricky one.

Step 2. Make the Leap.

This one is the hardest part, and I believe that you can get so lost in step 1 that this step will never happen or you delay it for much longer than needed. Which backpack should I get, the ipad or notebook decision, what about the house, the car and all this stuff you need to do before you can go.
The best trick I can offer straight away to deal with this is quite simple,
Buy The Ticket!
Get that plane ticket with a date of flying 3 to 6 months in the future. The date is now set, and you will be forced to do what you need to do, tie up loose ends, put things into storage, sort out your gear, tell the boss to shove it and all the things you need to do before you jump on the plane and go.

Step 3. Master It As You Go.

This is the easy part because you’re actually doing it now, things will just naturally fall into place. Of course there will be a few bumps along the way and your Tech Nomad Lifestyle will go wrong sometimes, but that is part of the fun. As the saying goes, “It’s not about the destination it is about the journey”.
You will meet so many people as you travel that are totally on your wave length. Another thing I have noticed that when you do meet fellow travellers, conversations never start without any awkward silences whilst you ‘get to know each other’. Simply because you are both already on your own personal nomad missions it’s as if you already know each other.
I am a total evangelist for this lifestyle and not only recommend it to everyone who wants to taste extraordinary freedom but I also believe that 2o years from now a massive percentage of the human race will be living this way anyway. So why not do it now ?

Jobs are dead! Long live the Unemployable Lifestyle.

So where are you up to ? Stuck on step one ? Half way through step two ? Rocking it in step three ?
Been blogging about it but ain’t made the leap yet to actually fully do it ?
Or maybe you think that all this Tech Nomad, Lifestyle Design talk is a load of crap and you are totally content with sitting there dribbling in front of you TV with your subscription to 346 channels of ‘entertainment’. Hmm ?
But seriously, if this is your sort of thing let me know in the comments below.
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