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Railay Beach Long Tail Boat. Thailand Travel Photo

Railay Beach, Krabi. Thailand

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Friday Photo- A Thailand Rubbish Receptacle

Friday Photo 012

Dustbin, rubbish bin, garbage can, trash can, waste receptacle, whatever you want to call them, this is Thailand’s version. I have seen variations of this all over Thailand and South East Asia, and I know it’s very unsexy subject to talk about, but to me even small details like this make my adventures more interesting to me. (also a way of me rebelling against just posting photos of cocktails and tropical beaches etc)

This Thai trash can is ingenious little invention for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is made from recycled tyres, and secondly in it’s design. If you notice that the main thing is made from a huge tractor tyre that has been turned trimmed and inside out. The legs are made from what I believe to be motorbike tyres that have been cut in half.

Combining excellent design with recycling is displayed here in a fantastic way.

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Friday Photo – Monkey Business

This week I have been filming a special video for something special that you will hear about very soon.  I was filming these videos where I am to talking and thought it would be fun to do it with a monkey sitting on my sholder. As a result, a lot of out-takes as these monkeys are mischeivious little fellas.

Anyway here’s a photo of one of my Gibbion friends and a video below that I also caught of a monkey playing with a local lazy dog.

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Friday Photo- Mountain Ghost Busters. Thailand

Whilst out on my motorbike exploring a mountainous area in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, I found this interesting little scene. In this picture you can see three different things that have been placed at the bottom of this small mountain to protect the area from spirits.

You see these all over Thailand in the jungles and mountains and I have heard various explanations of what it is all about. I honestly don’t know the exact stories behind how it all works with these protectors from spirits but it is certainly interesting.

Hey, if you know more about these spirit protectors, let me know in the comments below.

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Friday Photo- Spot the Impostor.

Spot the Impostor.

Little bit different than usual but very relevant to my current adventure. The quitting caffeine by testing out my little experiment of extreme indulgence. In case you missed it click here to catch up on my coke story so far.

Anyway, so this weeks photo,

Spot the Impostor

I suppose this is the rebel in me doing a little middle finger to the coca cola company, in an effort to help my self stay off the dirty dark stuff for 30 days. Can you spot the cheeky impostor ?

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Friday Photo – Frog in the Bathroom

Read belowSo here we go, right here right now today I am making a commitment and taking on a challenge.

It is a very simple and beautiful yet challenging thing that I am about to take on.

Drum Roll…

As from now on, every Friday I will publish a photo.

You may think that ain’t that special or challenging, well read on my friend.

Welcome to The Friday Photo.

The reason I came to this is because I was thinking that I seem to always take pictures, and store them on my computer, but they never really ever get any further than that. I will some times post a whole load of them on facebook but then for months I don’t really put any pictures out. I love photography and in my Art college days was I was fully capable in a dark room, and deep into experimental abstract photography.  Of course these days with digital photography it is so much easier. So I have no excuses on the technology front and I used to be a real budding photographer.

This idea of me doing a Friday Photo every week is something that I have been considering for a long time.  It is a mini goal of mine, to share more pictures and on this regular basis, and that is the challenge here.

Can I stick to it ? A picture every Friday ?

Before I go deep into my whole master-plan behind this mini project, let me just shut up and do it.

So here it is, the very first (number 001) Friday Photo….

Friday Photo 001. Aug 20th 2010

Frog in the Bathroom

This little chap I noticed had moved into my bathroom, he actually stayed from about 3 days before I had to help him find his way back outside. He had maybe gotten lost or was on the run from some mafia frogs, or he was wanted to watch me in the shower. We will never know.

friday photo

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