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Kick the Craving Experiment. The Coke Update.

Quitting Coke (Coca-cola) update.

Wow, what a ride. It is now just over a day and a half since I started my crazy mission to quit my coca-cola dependency by bingeing out on the funky fizzy black stuff for 24hrs.

The story so far.

I set the challenge of kicking a habit, developing a new habit and giving my business and lifestyle a boost for 30 days. It all started with, Time for a Challenge. Wanna join-me ?

Then on day one I kicked it off by attacking my mission to quit drinking coke with some extreme radical indulgence.

Thanks to a load of support from the thousands of (more like 10) readers of this blog it has actually made me really go for it with this challenge.

But seriously, Cheers guys 🙂

The Results so far.

24 bottles of 440ml of coke in 24hrs was the mission. I usually drink 4 – 8 bottles of coke per day so 24 bottles is like 3 to 4 times as much as I would drink in a day.

36 hours later, I have 3 bottles left and I am not excited about drinking them. I plan to maybe slowly sup them over the next 12 hours as a slow come down. (but I’ll most probably give them away or pour them down the sink) The real test comes over the next week and for the rest of this month. I have promised myself that if I do actually want a coke, I can, but not until the 1st November (the end of my 30day blast). Most probably would consider doing a full box again (maybe).

Now What ?

I need a little recovery time and luckily today is Sunday. I need to do a bit of walking today to work this one off. Bring on the water as my new coke replacement. These 2 litre bad boy bottles are my new replacement for coke. I plan to drink 3-4 of the these per day, with a few green teas here and there.

I’ll keep you updated on the quitting coke thing here over the coming days.

Oh, and did I for get to mention about the video of me blasting my coke addiction over 24 hours ? Thanks to the idea by Mark from, I took some photos an video of my trippy deterioration over 24 hours, so expect a little treat coming soon also.

You should have seen some of the articles I wrote yesterday, some weird content was pumped out whilst almost drunk and tripped out on coca-cola overload.

Do Not Try This At Home.

Do Not Try This At Home

I am not a lawyer but it is probably worth me pointing out that I am not actually recommending you try this. Don’t ever take advice from me.

I am not a doctor but I reckon there is zero health benefits to doing this extreme lifestyle experiment and it is probably not a good idea at all.

Remember, I am a professionally trained idiot. And whilst attempting this, I obviously have had a full heath and safety crew and team of paramedics on stand by. (not)

Photo credit: notsogoodphotography

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