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Quitting Coke Challenge – Day 14

My original challenge that I set for myself was to kick a bad habit (coca-cola), develop a good habit (creative writing) and do a 30 day detox whilst also concentrating on giving my online businesses a boost.

Here’s the update on the quitting coke part. And that promised footage of the first day where I’m experimenting by overindulging in coke to help quit.

The Two Weeks Deep Update

The first day – Extreme Indulgence Experiment

Two weeks without drinking a single coke !

Now that is extraordinaire for me.

Seriously, I was drinking alot of this stuff all day long. I would usually do 2 cokes within the first hour of waking up and then it would continue from there.

So how did it go ?

Well, first couple of days I did not feel right and had some heavy headaches. Day 3 I was ok, day 4 the cravings started. I would almost hear little voices in my saying, “go on, you can have one coke secretly, no one will ever know” or “one won’t hurt”.

It’s weird as well how now any coke advertising or imagery feels like it jumps out at me, especially when I go to a shop or restaurant when choosing a drink the coke always seems to stand out.

I have resisted and surprised myself in that I’m loving my coke replacements. Big manly 2 liter bottles of cold water on hand all day and a few hot green teas. The other thing I’m doing is as part of my 30 day life booster challenge is getting into eating more raw vegetables and grabbing a carrot when I feel the urge for a coke seems to be working for me at the moment. One of my little rules I say to myself is, if I feel like a coke just have something else that is more healthy than a coke (not difficult to find coke replacements).

So far so good.

Do you reckon I’ll be able to stick it out ?

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Quitting Caffeine by Using Extreme indulgence experiment. I drink far too much Coke, so I decided to quit for 30 days and start with this little experiment. Can I quit drinking coca-cola using this method ? Will the cravings for caffeine drive me insane. Can I quit my caffeine addiction ?

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