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30 Day Booster. Day 1 – Radical Scheming and Indulgence

So here we go with day one of my little personal mission impossible. I have set the challenge and I have made it public so now is time for action. In case you missed the start, check out, Challenge Time.

I was hardly able to sleep last night because I was could not stop thinking about this upcoming adventure. Too much adrenaline and excitement and a sprinkle of nervousness.

Day one is planning and preparation, and I’m still drinking coke but we’ll come back to that in a moment.

I start with a stack of plain A4 size paper and a pen. I did some hardcore battle planing making mind maps and lists covering all the areas that I am tackling this month. I have planned out a whole bunch of categories and topics about which I am writing about every day. My little rules for this are 3 written articles varying in length from 250 – 750 words. Some of which are for this blog and some are for other projects.

And on the quitting coke thing, I think that, (in fact I know, because I have tried before) the cravings will drive me up the wall and insane. So to start my 30 detox especially focusing on the quitting of drinking Coca-cola, I start day one by getting a small crate of coke, 24 glass bottles of black fizzy dirtiness.

Your probably thinking,

“Hang on a minute, I thought you were quitting coke ?”

I am going to give my craving a huge upper cut in the chin by using some Radical Indulgence. I plan to drink as much coke as I possibly can, all 24 bottles in 24 hours if I can. This will most likely make me sick and it won’t kill me but, it will (or should) kill my craving to drink coke for a while at least. This technique of  Radical Indulgence named by Karol Gajda of comes from the idea of the story of the drunk teenager coming home and the parents forcing them to drink loads of alcohol until they are sick to make the teenager think twice about drinking in the future. The same has been done with tobacco, the parent forcing the kid to smoke a full packet of cigarettes. Or even forcing them to eat a packet of cigarettes, but that’s taking the ‘being cruel to kind’ a bit too far.

So day one of my detox is kicking off with some hardcore radical indigence, brain vomiting (ideas from the mind splattered out on to paper) and battle planning.

Expect so exciting stuff happening here over the next few weeks.

So is my mission a little bit too impossible ? Could I be maybe biting off more than I can chew ? Could I be setting myself up for failure by attempting to many things at once ? Let me know in the comments below. Any tips, ideas and support is much appreciated.

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