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Railay Beach Long Tail Boat. Thailand Travel Photo

Railay Beach, Krabi. Thailand

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Friday Photo- A Thailand Rubbish Receptacle

Friday Photo 012

Dustbin, rubbish bin, garbage can, trash can, waste receptacle, whatever you want to call them, this is Thailand’s version. I have seen variations of this all over Thailand and South East Asia, and I know it’s very unsexy subject to talk about, but to me even small details like this make my adventures more interesting to me. (also a way of me rebelling against just posting photos of cocktails and tropical beaches etc)

This Thai trash can is ingenious little invention for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is made from recycled tyres, and secondly in it’s design. If you notice that the main thing is made from a huge tractor tyre that has been turned trimmed and inside out. The legs are made from what I believe to be motorbike tyres that have been cut in half.

Combining excellent design with recycling is displayed here in a fantastic way.

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Digital Nomad Cribs – Location Independent House Sitting.

Take a quick tour of this fantastic place which is temporarily my home in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. I am actually house sitting for a good friend of mine who is currently in South America. I have done a bit of house sitting a few years ago but this place is just amazing. In such a quite, peaceful spaceous area surrounded by small mountains.

In this video I give you a quick spin through the local village and a tour of this awesome property where I am staying at the moment.   Enjoy…

I have not personally used these sites but I have heard that you can find great houses that need a house sitter dotted around the world, heres a bunch of them.

I got this house sitting gig by word of mouth and just happening to be in the right place at the right time. I was looking for a place and they were looking for someone trust worthy to take care of this beautiful property with mountains in the back yard.

I jumped at the opportunity and am currently staying here with my girlfriend keeping the place maintained and nice for occasional potential to look round. This is the perfect place for me at the moment where I can focus on my various online projects. I call this mode I am in at the moment ‘productive recluse concentration’, just a funky name for getting my head down and putting the hours in whilst in a totally relaxing environment with minimal distractions. It’s nothing new, people have been doing it for years where they hide themselves away for a period of time to focus on writing a book or painting or whatever.

I admittedly be a little sad when it is eventually sold and I have to move on but that will be cancelled out because I will be glad for the owner who can’t wait to sell this place.

I’m not sure where I’ll be going next, thinking maybe a beach area and I should be popping home to the uk sometime soon also. No big plans, I just roll with it and right now am enjoying the moment and especially enjoying the masses of space and nature around me.

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Friday Photo- Mountain Ghost Busters. Thailand

Whilst out on my motorbike exploring a mountainous area in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, I found this interesting little scene. In this picture you can see three different things that have been placed at the bottom of this small mountain to protect the area from spirits.

You see these all over Thailand in the jungles and mountains and I have heard various explanations of what it is all about. I honestly don’t know the exact stories behind how it all works with these protectors from spirits but it is certainly interesting.

Hey, if you know more about these spirit protectors, let me know in the comments below.

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The End of an Era

In this video I am taking you on a quick tour of my Indian Restaurant that we are presently knocking down. Ali Bongo’s -Taste of India in Kanchanaburi, Thailand was one of the best rated restaurants in the main tourist area of  the town. It has been featured in many travel guide books and travel magazines. It has been also featured on Thai television and has many people who come back again and again for more.

Mix Grill

Unfortunately due to the sharp decrease in tourism we have had to close this restaurant, at least for now anyway. It’s pretty saddening for me in one way because I built this place from scratch but on the positive side I am happy to be out of the restaurant game as it is one of those businesses where the “business is the boss of you”.  Fun but a nightmare to manage.

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Moving Stuff Around in Thailand

Thailand SongthaewIn this video I am on the back of a songthaew (pick up truck with a cage over the back), moving furniture from from my old apartment to my restaurant. Then we are selling off all the stuff we don’t need in an effort to minimize the amount of stuff we have.

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